Book: Story Of My Life

Author: Alaa Saad

Publisher: Bibliomania

In the morning, I got a call from the publishing house. They wanted me to change the cover of the front page of my novel. I then forgot about what happened yesterday, and I spent my day normally. I think things like that are normal for me because I get angry so much and it is not my first time.

I went to the publishing house, and I met Mr. Johan. He was so mad because I should have been changing this cover from a year and I was starting to lose my fans because they were really bored from this hilarious, old cover. I suggested a suggestion for the new cover, for my novel, but I think Mr. Johan thinks it’s very depressing because I suggest writing ( Life is always against me, but I try). I really think Mr. Johan is right or it is just because I think a lot about myself, who knows?

I came back home early today anyways; the biggest surprise was waiting for me at home. Marline was here.  I think it is very brave of her to take this step, which is talking with me about Dr. Simon and the fight we had, but I couldn’t talk to her because I was angry and also because I have a seminar in the morning and I really need to concentrate on it so, I left the place without saying a single word, not even a hi.

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    I loved this book very much and I loved the writer’s style

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