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I can think of no finer way to enrich a person’s life than to stimulate him to a greater use of his creative talents. The ability to be creative—in which the techniques of “brainstorming” play such an important part—is largely a state of mind. It is a state of mind that we all can cultivate.

As a business manager, I have been especially interested in stimulating ideas for two reasons: to benefit the business itself and to help the people who work in that business. In our organization we have had quite a bit of experience with this subject. And I can say that these techniques not only work on specific problems. They also help to broaden a person’s outlook on life—to open his whole personality to the “idea concept” and to encourage a constant, fresh eagerness about all the problems of daily living.

Although my comments are being made from a businessman’s point of view, I think it is evident that they apply quite generally to all people. Any company or organization that makes and sells products in competition will prosper only as it develops new ideas. This is basic to growth and improvement. To fulfill this objective, the organization must have creative people on all its important areas, such as engineering, manufacturing, sales, and personnel. And it must have good management in seeing that the best results are obtained from those creative people in all those areas.



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