A love whose need is time,

Breeding within our souls,

Quenched by our passion,

Its harvest is the life of the minds.

Our bodies are guided by the soul,

Backed by the senses.

The eye, the ear, the hand, the nose, the tongue, all

commanded by the heart,

And the intellect is the one that governs,

The Soul floats between waves of tranquility and conflict,

It does not settle except upon the coast of  liberty

Free and bright emerging from beauty.

All of us are united as one,

Our love likewise is all but one,

For a man who is the only one.

For he gives life to our minds,

He gleams upon us a gleaming a light,

A light by which we see the truth.

And from us he is far,

Yet remains close through the imprints he imprinted upon us,

Since the year 680 A.D.

The year 61 of the Prophetic Calendar, That year in which they slaughtered him,

That is to say 1338 solar years have elapsed since,

And 1380 lunar years since.

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